The Fresh Music Cafe is a weekly place to stop in and check out what's new with The Journey artists AND hear brand new (fresh, of course) music. The best part is that you hear music that you've never heard before!

Who is this host?
Chris Wygal is the Operations Manager and engineer at The Journey. He's been with The Journey since 2002. While most engineers don't appear on the air, Chris enjoys opening the mic once in a while and sharing time with Journey listeners. Chris is married to Sharon, has  three kids and lives in the woods. He enjoys working splitting firewood and building things. His family also has an old dog named Hershey, a cat named Chloe and a new mutt named Franklin. Chris has actually had rabies shots, so if he bites it won't be life-threatening!

Question or Comment?
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"On Saturdays I keep The Journey on in our kitchen all day. I look forward to getting lunch ready when The Fresh Music Cafe is on. Great music!"
-Rachel, Richmond, VA

"The Fresh Music Cafe brings us artist interviews that are unique. It's usually about an aspect of or angle on their lives that I'd never heard."
-Alison, Danville, VA

"The new artists on The Fresh Music Cafe are really great."
-Debby, Elizabeth City, NC

"Chris is my brother. He's really not that friendly in real life."
-Kayla, Rocky Mount, NC

"The show is a perfect fit for Saturday when I'm doing stuff around the house."
-Andy, Virginia Beach, VA