Ways You Can Thank Your Pastors:

1. Books, Lots of Books – Most pastors love books. Pack a basket of books and include highlighters and a new coffee mug.

2. A Night Out –  A pastor is constantly on call and might spend several nights a week at your church running ministry, counseling, etc. Make sure they have time to recover their lives and enjoy a special night out.

3. A Service for Your Pastoral Team (and families) – Consider planning a service for your pastoral team where they are the ones on the receiving end and they are being served. Gather or invite people to bring testimonies of their impact and faithfulness.

4. Clean Their House or Detail Their Car – This is also a great opportunity to get your students involved. Have them wash and detail your pastoral team’s cars, rake leaves, clean out gutters, wash dishes, or do chores.  You can also include a meal or grocery items.

5. A Subscription Box – This is a great way to express appreciation and have it last the entire year. Sign up for a service that will send a new necktie each month, groceries or coffee delivered directly to your pastor’s door, or cool socks to kick up your pastor’s wardrobe.

6. Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service – Consider getting a snow removal plan for your pastoral team. There’s something beautiful about waking up in the winter and seeing a clean and cleared driveway.

7. Coffee, Friends, and Gift Cards – Load them up on gift cards.  Pastors meet people all week long and even if it’s just coffee… the costs can add up.

8. An Encouragement Book – Have members of your church family write encouraging notes to your pastor in a journal. This could also be something that you do annually for your pastoral team.

9. A Simple “Thank you!” – Not every act of appreciation has to be elaborate. Simply expressing thanks in the form of a handwritten card or a letter means a lot.

10. Brag on your Pastor – Take a moment and tweet or post to social media something they said that impacted you. The impact of a pastor in today’s culture isn’t just in the pew, it’s also in the palm. Brag on your pastor!  My pastor is awesome because … (You fill in the blank) Oh, and make sure you tag them in your post!

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