Kenny Robinson

Program Director

The Morning Journey, 530am – 10am

Hometown:  Washington DC

FamilyMy wife Adrienne and I were married in 1994.  Our daughter Devin was born in 1997.

Career: I started in Christian radio in 1987 as a senior in high school.  I have worked in small, large and major markets doing Christian, Country and Top 40 formats.  Radio has taken me from DC, to Richmond, Miami, New England and now Lynchburg.  Basically the whole east coast!

Activities:  My favorite thing is spending time with my wife.  We attend a lot of sporting events including football, basketball, baseball and softball. And we love to watch Formula 1 and IMSA racing.


Brittany Minard

Social Media/Web Manager

The Morning Journey, 530am – 10am

Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia

Family: My husband Phil and I were married in 2013. We recently had our first child, a girl, named Stella! Everyday with her has been an adventure! Watching her and our fur-child get along has been such a blessing.

Career: I started my career working at WTKR in Norfolk VA, as a sports reporter/editor. I then moved to Lynchburg, Virginia and was the host of Living in the Heart for 4 years. Now I am on The Morning Journey with you and I love it!

Activities: When I am not on the radio I love kayaking and hiking, along with walking my dog. I also enjoy watching my favorite team, the Commanders. Some of my hobbies include, puzzles, scrapbooking, and writing.


Kate Justice


Middays, 10am – 3pm

Hometown: Goldsboro, NC

Family: Married to my best friend, Mike, and we have 5 children between us in our awesome blended family: LeAnn, Terra, Christian, Elena, and Aidan.

Career: I graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communications from LU in 2004. I’ve been doing voice over work for radio, television, and multiple areas of the business and education arena for over 20 years now. I’ve worked in marketing for the last almost two decades in higher education, healthcare, business, and back to higher education again. I’ve also been an entrepreneur in several different areas of business, but through it all, I’ve maintained my broadcast roots and I’m loving the opportunity to be part of the Journey on-air crew on a more permanent basis with you all now!

Activities:  I love to sing and read and create! Music has always been a passion of mine whether it’s performing, writing or just listening to a great record. I enjoy painting and decorating and I love interacting with my kids and watching their passions grow, too. When I have the time, I enjoy cooking and I LOVE the beach and the mountains — so glad God made both!


Laura Chase

Afternoons, 3pm-7pm

Sundays, 1pm-6pm

Hometown: I was born in Ohio, spent 23 adventurous years in Alaska, college in Oklahoma, then raised a daughter in Florida.  

Family: Married to Mr. Incredible, or “Q” as others call him.  He’s in finance, which is great because I never balance the checkbook.  Our very joyful daughter, Hosanna, is grown and the youth leader in our church.  We’ve been through the fostering/adoption process and will be adding to our family soon!  We own a small zoo comprised of 3 tiny dogs, 2 quirky cats, a lovable pet rat and a very talented fish.  

Career: Fell in love with radio on a 7th grade field trip where the DJ asked me to choose 2 songs to play on the air – I was instantly hooked.  Was ecstatic to find that I could major in Radio/TV at the Christian college I had applied to and was honored to not only work there but help keep it running as well.  

Activities: I’m up for anything fun and spontaneious: soft-serve twist ice cream and a movie, hitting a clearance rack, DIY renovations, puppy stores, friends’ houses, Bible studies, comedy nights, ChickFila, crashing on our enormous couch to watch the latest Hallmark movie or medical drama.  Side note: we  put on our comfy pjs as soon as we get home, no matter what time of day it is.  Oh, and my favorite activity of all, deep-dish pepperoni pineapple pizza!


Becky Mahle

Business Development Specialist

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Family: Married to Corey Mahle.  Have two beautiful children, ages 8 and 3.

Career: I have worked for Liberty since 2006 and serve our community as a local real estate agent since 2016. 

Activities: I enjoy anything to do with real estate (buying, selling, remodeling, etc.) and enjoy serving people throughout my community in this field. I also love watching my kids grow and am humbled by the grace that God gives me and my family each day! 


Mark Edwards

General Manager

Production Director

HometownMoved around a lot as a kid. So Canton, Ohio and Lynchburg, VA are my “Hometowns”

Family: My parents are Jerry and Fay. I have a sister, Melanie, brother-in-law Kyle, and I enjoy being an uncle to Emily and Olivia.

CareerGrew up in a broadcasters home, so have been involved in radio/TV my entire life. I worked as an overnight and weekend DJ in college. Moved into radio news as a reporter and eventually News Director. From there to Production Director. Now I am Production Dir. and Assistant Program Dir. at The Journey!

Activities: I love spending time with family and occasionally getting in a round of golf.  Maybe one day a dog owner, for some reason everyone seems to think I need one. 


Pattie Silverthorn

Business Development Director

Hometown: Lynchburg, VA

Family: I am blessed to be married to a Veteran Marine and Ohio Buckeye, Mike.  Our two teenagers, Elizabeth and Joey, are planning to attend Liberty University very soon.

CareerGod has blessed me with unique and fun work experiences including being an event coordinator for a Commercial Real Estate Development firm in DC, an Executive Secretary for the Nissan Performance IMSA race team in California, and have served in Christian radio for most of the last 20 years.  My most rewarding employment is happening right now as Business Development Director at The Journey and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

ActivitiesI enjoy spending time with my teenagers… when they make time for mama.  I also enjoy being outdoors, watching football and baseball, and going to the beach every chance I get.


Susan White

Business Manager

HometownRocky Mount, VA, moved to Nelson County at the age of 4.

FamilyI have been married to the love of my life for 25 years.  We have 2 beautiful daughters, Lindsay and Amanda and have been blessed with 3 grandchildren, Carmen, Ally and Landon.  We also have a little diva Chihuahua, Lexi, that monopolizes most of our free time!

CareerAt the age of 14, I was handling all of the accounting and payroll for a local business every day after school.  During my career I have held positions as Controller, Credit Manager and Director of Finance.

ActivitiesMy greatest passion is cooking although I don’t have a lot of free time to indulge!!  I also love to read and am actively involved with my church.


Brant Hansen

Nights, 7pm-Midnight

HometownI moved around a LOT growing up. Very small towns in Illinois and Indiana. My graduating class was 27 people in Assumption, Illinois.

Family: I have been married for 28+ years! Our kids are grown up. Our son is an officer in the military, and our daughter just graduated from college.

Career: I wanted to be a baseball play-by-play guy, but I can’t see very well. I was a youth pastor for several years before starting part-time on a Christian radio station as a news man. 

Favorite activities: I exercise every day, but I don’t really enjoy it that much. Hmm… I like reading and sitting around just thinking about stuff. I write books and things, so I also enjoy avoiding the writing I need to do.


Sherri Lynn

Nights, 7pm-Midnight

HometownPittsburgh, PA

FamilyI am single and recently moved my retired mother and her sister in with me. I call them the “Golden Girls”!

CareerI started out working weekends at a gospel station in Pittsburgh. I left there and went to the gospel station across town to do the morning show. While doing the morning show I simultaneously started filling in as the afternoon talk host at a Christian Talk station in Pittsburgh all the while ski reporting (yes, you read that right) for Mountain News. I then worked for 2 different gospel networks, Rejoice! and Sheridan Gospel. I left Sheridan to join Brant’s show.

ActivitiesI love writing. I love producing things like stage plays, musicals, dramas, comedies, etc. When I’m not doing that I’m spending as much time with family and friends as is humanly possible.