Evenings with Brant & Sherri7pm - Midnight

About The Show

If you are a night owl don’t worry, Brant and Sherri are here on The Journey to keep you company. Joining The Journey in 2015 Brant and Sherri discuss a wide range of topics that will have you laughing along all night through. Join them on The Journey Monday through Friday from 7pm – Midnight.

The Hosts

Brant Hansen

Nights, 7pm-Midnight

Brant is a husband and dad, and he’s won multiple awards for his radio hosting skills. He has been married for 28+ years! Brant's kids are grown up; his son is an officer in the military and his daughter just graduated from college.

Brant wanted to be a baseball play-by-play guy, but he can’t see very well. He was a youth pastor for several years before starting part-time on a Christian radio station as a news man.

He now co-hosts his show with Sherri. Brant says, “Sherri’s not just a radio talent, but a person with a love for Jesus, an inordinate amount of wisdom, and – let’s be honest, here – the most infectious laugh we’ve all ever heard.”

Brant’s show is home to “misfits.” He says all are welcome at the table and there is no one perfect but Jesus.

Brant likes reading and sitting around just thinking about stuff. Brant writes books and things, so he also enjoys avoiding the writing he needs to do.

Hometown: I moved around a LOT growing up. Very small towns in Illinois and Indiana. My graduating class was 27 people in Assumption, Illinois.

Sherri Lynn

Nights, 7pm-Midnight

Sherri considers herself a simple girl who loves Jesus and gets to write and talk for a living. "It’s pretty cool and more than I could have ever hoped for. God has been incredibly gracious to me."

Sherri loves writing and producing. She loves producing things like stage plays, musicals, dramas, comedies, etc. When she's not doing that, she is spending as much time with family and friends as is humanly possible. Sherri recently moved her retired mother and her sister in with her. She calls them the “Golden Girls!”

Sherri originally started out working weekends at a gospel station in Pittsburgh. She left there and went to the gospel station across town to do the morning show. While doing the morning show, Sherri simultaneously started filling in as the afternoon talk host at a Christian Talk station in Pittsburgh all the while ski reporting (yes, you read that right) for Mountain News. She then worked for 2 different gospel networks, Rejoice! and Sheridan Gospel. Sherri now produces The Brant Hansen Show.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA