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About The Show

Afternoons with Laura Chase began in 2019! Laura will have you laughing with all the chaos that happens on her farm. A loving wife and mother Laura has had many unique life experiences and offers you wisdom and guidance as we rely on God to get us through this crazy life. Join Laura Monday through Friday from 3pm – 7pm on The Journey.

More about Laura

Laura fell in love with radio on a 7th-grade field trip where the DJ asked her to choose 2 songs to play on the air – she was instantly hooked. She was ecstatic to find that she could major in Radio/TV at the Christian college she had applied to and was honored to not only work there but help keep it running as well.

She is married to Mr. Incredible, or “Q” as others call him. He’s in finance, which is great because Laura never balances the checkbook. Their very joyful daughter, Hosanna, is grown and the youth leader in their church. They’ve been through the fostering/adoption process and will be adding to their family! Laura also owns a small zoo comprised of 3 tiny dogs, 2 quirky cats, a lovable pet rat, and a very talented fish.

She is up for anything fun and spontaneous: soft-serve twist ice cream and a movie, hitting a clearance rack, DIY renovations, puppy stores, friends’ houses, Bible studies, comedy nights, ChickFila, crashing on her enormous couch to watch the latest Hallmark movie or medical drama. Side note: Laura’s family puts on their comfy pjs as soon as we they home, no matter what time of day it is. Oh, and her favorite activity of all: eating deep-dish pepperoni pineapple pizza!

Hometown: Born in Ohio, Laura spent 23 adventurous years in Alaska, college in Oklahoma, then raised a daughter in Florida.

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