Dear Journey Listener;

This has been a very unique and challenging year for so many of us. Now that the holiday season is  just about upon us, all of us here at The Journey are busy working on how we can provide the most hope possible, even before Thanksgiving arrives.

We believe that, this year, more than perhaps any other in our lifetimes, we are all seeking renewed hope and joy, sooner rather than later. For some of us, that will mean starting our Christmas shopping earlier than usual. For some, it may mean starting new Christmas traditions we have never thought of before. For all of us, we will be searching for the joy and peace of the season early, so we can try to put the difficulties of this year behind us.

So this year specifically, we’ve decided to roll the holiday cheer earlier than usual and start playing many of those wonderful Christmas classics, weekends only, through Thanksgiving. It is our hope that hearing Christmas music, yes, even before Thanksgiving, will bring welcome joy and happiness to what has been a very somber and difficult year for so many.

And starting the day after Thanksgiving, as we always have on The Journey, we will begin our Journey Hometown Christmas, where we’ll be playing all Christmas music every day through December 25th.

With our “Journey Christmas Music Weekends”, it is our hope that we can all come together and celebrate our Savior’s birth…Emmanuel, God with us.

Our desire is that when you and friends and neighbors hear the Christmas cheer starting even earlier than usual, you will be encouraged!

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful holiday season 2020!


Kenny Robinson
Program Director

The Journey

Here is The Journey Christmas Schedule

Until Thanksgiving: Weekends Only

Thanksgiving – Christmas: All Christmas Music

Christmas – New Years: Some Christmas Music Mixed In